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Burma with Pistachio & Rose - مبرومة بالفستق الحلبي والورد

Burma with Pistachio & Rose - مبرومة بالفستق الحلبي والورد

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Flour, Pure Arabic Ghee, Milk, Water, Sugar, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Pistachio, Lokum, Rose Petals

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Burma with Pistachios is a scrumptious, syrian-inspired sweet made from the highest quality ingredients and expertly crafted by turkish and syrian sweet makers. It contains pure arabic ghee (samneh) and is filled with bright green pistachios, tucked into delicately shredded dough and soaked in sweet syrup.

One of its secrets is the amount of sugar syrup added to it. The right amount will give it a sweet taste while keeping the taste of nuts and dough in perspective. Adding too much sugar syrup would dominate its taste and hide the satisfaction delivered by the nuts and dough, while being too short on the sugar syrup would deny its sweet feeling and gratification. Baklava is no longer just a historic dessert, but a ubiquitous gift for any celebration!

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Gerard G.
I Like the traditional mabroumeh with the crispy kunafeh shell better than the rose petal version.

I ordered the rose petal mabroumeh, my wife liked it but I didn’t. I would have preferred the traditional crispy plain outer kunafeh shell. The one I ordered had a shell that was too finely chopped and not at all toasted or crispy.