Welcome to Amalina Gourmet

- Where Tradition Meets Excellence -

At Amalina Gourmet, we are passionate about bringing the world of authentic, gourmet, and diverse sweets and baked goods to your doorstep. Our journey is rooted in our Syrian heritage, guided by our unwavering values, and fueled by our collective experience in the food industry. Our mission has led us to create unique recipes that have not only thrived in our native lands but have now found a new home in the United States. We are excited to introduce you to our beloved products, which encapsulate the essence of our culinary heritage.

What Makes Us Different

Meticulous attention to quality and detail defines our commitment at every stage of product preparation. We take immense pride in using only the finest ingredients, combined with our unique recipes and preparation methods, resulting in products that proudly bear the Amalina Gourmet logo.

  • Experience

    Our products are carefully crafted by Syrian and Turkish experts with 40+ years of experience in the industry.

  • Our Products Are

    100% Natural


    No Additives

    No Colorant

    No Preservatives

    Made with the highest quality ingredients

  • What Sets Us Apart

    Our products contain less sugar than our competitors.

    Our products contain more premium ingredients such as our bright green pistachios (فستق حلبي) and only Pure Arabic Ghee (Samneh Baladi).

  • Certifications

    FDA, Cert. No.: 17850669258

    ISO 22000, Cert. No.: 0113890

    HACCP, Cert. No.: 0121286

    Halal, Cert. No.: SHC-02-F-21-SAU-157

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